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Bio-agriturismo Umbria

Rural Guesthouse Organic Farm

"Castello del Sole" represents the very essence of what we envisioned when we started with organic food processing over 20 years ago. 

With Giolo Guerrino Guerrini, our grandfather, and Flavio Guerrini,

beloved brother and son, we started this journey by being the pioneers of organic farming in the area.

Sadly, Flavio and Giolo are not anymore with us.

We continue their legacy of "Love for the Earth" by serving our guests and clients with the same passion by making organic jams, marmalades, fruit juices, pasta, sauces from the produces of our very own farm.

Apple Orchard


We are proud to offer our guests the opportunity to experience country living, with homegrown produce and homemade delicacies. Our organic farm shop offers a variety of products from fresh jam and juices to cookies and pasta. You truly can't get any fresher or more authentic than the food we make right here on the property.


At Castello del Sole, we believe in creating a better world, starting with people and planet wellbeing through the organic food products we produce. We prioritise food care and quality, ensuring that each product we prepare is made with fresh, organic, locally sourced ingredients. We take pride in the fact that our approach to farming is both delicious and sustainable. Our dedication to leaving a better soil and environment for future generations is something that is deeply integrated into our daily operations.

Strawberry Jam
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